For Your Health

Fine Dust

Fine dust is not only generated by cars and industry but also from wood- and coal stoves. Infrared heating panels on the contrary are extremely emmission free.

Low Surface Temperatures

The trend to low temperature heating systems is the result of official demand to increase the efficiency of Oil- and gas heating systems. Currently temperatures as low as 40 degreesC will warm the air in a room, but radiated heat, which the body enjoys, is not present.

Room Climate, Humidity & Dust

One of the most essential advantages of natural stone infrared heating is the creation of a favourable room climate. Dry air is widely avoided. A constand temperature from floor to ceiling is minimizing the room dust development. A healthy room climate promotes good heatlth.

Positive Effect on the Organism

All current web search engines and encyclopedias are reporting the positive effects of Infrared radiation on the human body. Some of our happy customers are even using the marmony natural stone infrared heating panels for the drying of walls and the destruction of mold.

Make The Test

Convection Heating vs. Infrared Heating