More efficient than expected Infrared - Heating

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The Romans used natural stone for heating for centuries. Marble as a natural stone was often used by Romans in their baths for floors, walls, seats and rest facilities. A highly sophisticated system - mostly using warm spring-water - made natural stone an oasis of well-being. Where the Romans used warm stones in the past, this is currently being revived.

About 30 years ago saw the beginning of a mordern era in natural stone heating and on a much larger scale. However, in that period of time the technical capabilities for stonework in combination with modern heating conductors were not available. The first heating systems were not as efficient as the current products.

More than 5 years ago marmony GmbH made history regarding natural stone  Infrared Heating by using a new generation of heating conductors in combination with stone fabrication at a quality level and precision never seen before.

The interaction between heat conductors at a precision of 1/100 mm and milled heat conductor channels in natural stone with tolerances of 1/100 mm, provides the highest performance with minimum electricity consumption. Our 800 Watt natural stone heating has 14.4 metres of precison milled heating conductor chanels. This has only been achieved through the use of complex, high- precision machinery. This allowed us to produce a natural stone infrared heating system which is using electricity extremely efficiently as a heat resource.

In terms of cost-effective investment in heating systems we believe that our marmony infrared heating panels are better value than gas, or oil-fired systems.

Naturstein Infrarotheizungen

Is heating with electricity really more expensive? We do not think so!

Effizienz Diagramm
  • NTG = Low Temperature Heating ca. 208 kWh per qm
  • BWG = Condensing Gasheating with condensing technology ca. 187 kWh per qm
  • IR natural stone Infrared Heating ca. 72 kWh per qm

(As at 2009)

In contrary to the opionion of many consumers „heating with electricity is too costly“ ist the focused contactless heating with natural stone Infrared Heating a real saver. It is reported in some media by some manufaturers a saving of 40 % and more. At normal use our natural stone Infrared Heating is not using more energy than traditional gas or oil heating systems. By using the directs Infrared radiation you can set the room air temperature at 18 degrees C and inspite of this you feel a temperature of 21 degrees C and enjoy this.

This is saving 3 degrees temperature. You save about 6 to 7 % energy cost per single degree and saving starts there with about 20 %. In addition the investment into a natural stone Infrared Heating is a fraction only of a total traditional heating system including an electric warm water supply for bathroom and kitchen.

And far better: no service costs, no chimney sweeper and no extra room for the heating system and oil tank required. Especially cost saving is Infrared Heating in transition periods in spring and autumn. Certain rooms can be indiviudal heated at that period of tim without switching on a total traditional heating system. Inrared Natural Stone heating at the right spot has got an enormous saving potential.

The adjoining graph from a published study is being presented as fact by some manufacturers. We see this suspect because this does not correspond anymore todays standard, energy costs and devices and only was tested in relation with a very special device.



We are actually in a situation due to our total new development of 5 years ago to offer rather the best heat ransfer from a heat conductor to natural stone.  It looks theoretically simple but extremely difficult to realise.

The difference
The technological gap between heat conductor and natural stone has to be as little as possible, that there is no air left between the heat producing heating resistor and the heat absorbing natural stone.  Every 1/100 mm produces transfer losses because air is insulating.  Thick cables were filled into larger chanels in the past and the gap was filled with cement or similar fillings. This was leading into air chambers within the filling material during the drying process and produced negative results of heat transfer.

Today we are working with special heating conductors which are usually being used fort he production of industry ovens with extreme high temperature demand.

Our heating conductors are insulated twice and have inspite of that a thickness of 1,6 mm only  and tolerances of less than 1/100 mm. The precision milled heating chanels have got a tolerance of 1/10 mm only which nearly is a sensation over a total length of 14.400 mm (our 800 Watt natural stone Panel).

The heating conductor is being pressed into the stone with a special high temperature resistant swageing process. The insulated heat conductors with an oversize of 0,6 mm are pressed by swageing process into the precision milled heating chanels.

These low tolerances are only possible and guarateed with specific equipment based on an inhouse development of about 2 years.
The research and development costs into our equipment is exceeding the 1 million Euro barrier aleady.

We concentrate on every single packaging material guaranteeing the greatest possible safety that „your“ heating panel is arriving at complete customer satisfaction. We achieve this with high grade custom fit packaging materials.

Every single detail is highly important for us . That’s why we are so exremely effective.