What you should know this about infrared heating

Conventional Heating

1. Conventional Heating

Additional charges incurred due to Oil-, Gas-, Pellet-, and fireplace heating:

  • Space / Room for the boiler.
  • Storage of oil, gas, pellets, logs.
  • Chimney sweep
  • Reduced life span
  • Annual boiler Service

2. Electric-Infrared-Heating

No aditional charges

  • No heating or storage room / space
  • No chimney required
  • No service
  • No chimny sweeper
  • Nearly unlimited life span
  • No repair of pipes, boilers and pumps.

Modern electric heating with natural strone infrared heating is state of the art. Standard heating systems create costs even when the heating system is not running. A standard heating system has a life span of 10 to 20 years. The service and maintenance charges are rising after 5 years apart from the consumption of oil, gas, pellets & logs. The eventual replacement of a boiler is normally not included in the overall investment at the beginning.

You can choose which rooms you want to heat. Most useful during the transition periods in Autumn and Spring. There is no problem with natural stone infrared heating, only one click on the thermomstat and the job is done.

Infrared Heat
The radiated heat makes you feel 2 – 3 degrees C warmer than the actual real room (air-) temperature. A room temperature by infrared radiation heat of 19 degrees C has got the same effect as a conventional heating system with 22 degrees C. A decrease of 1 degree C only means an energy saving of 6 – 7 %.

Individual Heat
There is a high potential of energy saving during transition periods because there is often a need to heat up certain rooms only. Natural stone infrared heating panels are allowing you to heat up certain rooms individually without running a complete heating system.

Heat Reservoir
When using conventional heating systems a large quantity of warm air is being exchanged during ventilation periods. This is causing a huge loss of energy. The heat of natural stone infrared heating is mainly stored in walls and objects. There is a small loss of heat only during air exchange in ventilating periods.

Engergy Saving Potential
The temperature difference between floor and ceiling is very low when using infrared heating. This avoids the unnecessary heating up of the air at ceiling level, which creates further savings in running costs.

Health Benefits
A well balanced room climate of infrard heating is totally different to  conventional heating systems. There is no other heating system supplying such a positive balance of room air moisture, than infrared heating. This has additional health benefits besides the feel -good effect.

Improved Room Climate
Modern levels of insulation, combined with sealed, double glazed windows, avoid heat-loss but this has a negative impact on the circulation of air in the room. Previously air-change was taking place via the badly fitted windows, but no longer. This can lead to problems with humidity in rooms, creating mould which infra-red heat is capable of dealing with successfully as it circulates heat and the direct radiation destroys the mould.

Infrared Heat counteracts Mold
Infrared Heat can be used for the rehabilitation of walls by drying out to a healthy level, so long as the problem is not the result of water ingress from the outsifde.

Air Circulation within Rooms
Modern furniture is a further example of the change of XXX ventilation within rooms:
In the past cupboards were standing on feet and were  positioned away from the wall. Modern furniture is standing directly on the floor and is fixed direct to the wall. The natural air ventilation of  the past is avoided by this modern furniture. This is encourageing humidity and the formation of mold. An Actual example is the latest trend to box spring beds.

Infrared Heat has got a lot of positive impact on the room climate.

Infrared Natural Stone Heating has a positive Effect on the Human Body:

The Infrared Radiation ensures:

  • Warm feet and a cool head
  • An increase in blood circulation
  • A strengthening of the immune system
  • A stimulation of the metabolism
  • Pleasant warm walls within the room
  • Constant air humidity
  • Low dust level: This is most important for Allergy and Asthma sufferers

Low Dust Turbulence
Dust turbulence by constant air circulation– caused by classic heat radiator systems – are reduced to a minimum.
This has a positive impact on Allergy suffferers and other sensitive people.

Our Advice:
These are general findings regarding Infrared Heating. Detailed information can be found in the internet eg. via Wikipedia or search engines. Many theses and studies demonstrate the positive aspects of infrared heat and recommend the installation of infrared heat panels. All are not scientifically proven. And marmony Ltd. Does not want to advertise this. Tens of thousands of happy customers so far are a strong confirmation.
Infrared Natural Stone Heating is powered by electricity and requires no service. This heating can be used anywhere where 230 V is available and no expensive installation is required: Fit – Switch on – Forget.

Infrared Natural Stone Heating Panels

  • no heat energy transport loss via pipes
  • enjoy a long life span because of lack of spare and wear parts
  • produce no direct emissions
  • are the cleanest heating system possible, if operated with eco energy
  • are silent and odourless.

There is a great field of applications and possibilities

  • Replacement for night storage heaters and single oil / coal boilers.
  • As an alternative solution in new constructions instead of installation of expensive Oil- or gas heating systems.
  • In rental apartments (Indiviudal contracts with the power authorities and therefor less problems with overall running costs)
  • in combination with photovoltaics
  • in shortage of space (no aditional room / space required for heating system, oil tank or chimney)

Heating with electricity is more economical than often assumed:

  • Heat energy is being produced where necessary therefore no energy loss because of heat transport (via pipes from the boiler to the radiator).
  • Heat energy is being produced when necessary. No heat energy production ahead like heating boilers and storage heating.  Rational use of energy via thermostats.
  • Infrared Heating Panels mainly warm up, objects, walls and ceilings within the room instead of the air.
  • You save money while ventilating rooms because warmed up objects like walls and ceilings continue to provide heat afterwards.

Optimal Infrared Radiation
The increase of 3 C plus in temperature is only practical up to a distance of 4,5 meter from the natural stone-infrared heating panel. Thermal output above 800 Watts is not practical as increasing the wattage does not increase the radiation range.

Red Heat Lamp
Mistakenly, natural stone Infrared heating are sometimes referred to as red heat lamps. These lamps are somtimes designated as Infrared Lamps inspite of the fact that this is so-called NIR (near Infrared) which is referring to the wavelength on the verge of real infrared light.

Physically assignable
Infrared-warmth is not spiritual but physically assignable.  
Every body emits infrared light over and above the absolute temperate zero point. This is being used for night vision devices. Infrared light can be used effectively as thermal energy within a temperature range between 6o C and 110 C.

Difinition of Infrared Heating Sytems
Infrared Heating systems are heating Systems according to the following defintion: Stand alone heating systems which deliver more than 50 % of the heat production as radiation heat into the room. The emittted radiation of an infrared heater  corresponds to a natural solar Infrared radiation, below the visible spectrum.